Denny Clarke







This art is tough stuff.  The more one knows the harder it gets.   


Practically on a daily basis, Denny can be found studying and painting, either Plein Air or in his studio in Martinsburg, West Virginia, or in Naples, Florida.  His aim is to continue to improve his understanding of what it takes to make “art.” 

   Although his abilities are diverse, some have called his style “representational impressionism.”  It is important for him to translate information into a painting, rather than report that information as in a photograph.  Seeking an emotional response, Denny conveys a sense of place to the viewers.  With hue, form and line, he creates a special mood in his atmospheric watercolors.

   A signature member of the West Virginia Watercolor Society and the Baltimore Watercolor Society, as well as an associate member of local and national watercolor societies, his colorful and evocative watercolors have consistently garnered awards.

   Clarke notes, “Blending the tube colors on the paper, my object is to convey to you, the viewer, a mood, to evoke a sense of being there or having been there.”
   The artist continues by relating,  “If, when you look at one of my paintings, you are moved to some emotional response and if, when you view it time after time again, you can discover another piece of information…then I have accomplished what I set out to do.”